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Strengths Debrief Bundle

Builder Profile 10 (BP10)

How you are wired will influence not only what you build, but also how you build it. The BP10 assessment identifies your unique builder talent profile and what kind of builder you are

Strengths Debrief Bundle

Strengths Debrief Bundle

Strengths Debrief Bundle of 5 x 60 min virtual sessions each

Gallup Global Strengths Coaching Certification

Gallup Global Strengths Coaching Certificate

If you are passionate about developing people’s potential, then this certification is for you! HR Professionals, coaches, consultants and managers have all certified as Gallup Global Strengths Coaches.

CliftonStrengths 34

Buy CliftonStrengths Codes

♦ Full 34
♦ Top 5
♦ CliftonStrengths for Managers
♦ Unlock your 34
♦ CliftonStrengths for Sales

BHG specialises in using the science of human behaviour to provide performance solutions to clients that empower people, constructively disrupts the workplace and potentially changes organisations.

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Our solutions are underpinned by deep insight that has developed over the 20 years we have worked across Africa.

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